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February 16th, 2023

Dino Ranch - Interactive Brand Website

We are very proud to have recently launched a new brand website for the Dino Ranch animated series.

To celebrate the new season of the show, Dino Ranch wanted to refresh its website with the aim of engaging more Dino Ranch viewers. Grand Central was approached to design and develop a completely new and bespoke website.

Users can personalise their experience by selecting their favourite dino character, and based on this choice the website's colour scheme changes. Further personalisation enables users to download their own 'themed' activities and party packs. This allows parents to match their own children's interests. Users can watch Dino Ranch clips directly on the site and discover more about their favourite characters. A retailer page allows easy access to online stores stocking the full range of Dino Ranch merchandise for parents to click through to and purchase.

A competition prize draw feature was also developed with the ability to be turned on and off via the administration area by Dino Ranch.

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