A new look for the iconic ‘Brini’

Acquired by Accolade in 2022, the brand needed reactivation to re-engage consumers and recruit a new era of Lambrini lovers.


The Brief

Refreshingly fruity, light ABV, sparkling Lambrini has lasted the test of time with a broad and loyal following, providing an entry point into the wine category. Our role was to develop a new creative identity design, followed by brand guidelines and activation toolkit for all markets.

Across a very broad range of ages, consumers enjoy Lambrini in a variety of different ways depending on the occasion; from straight-up to mixed with a diluter and also with a spirit added.


How do you Brini?

Lambrini is so versatile that it can elevate every occasion into a celebration. Brand relevance was pivotal to extending occasions and inspiring consumption, delivered with a modern, distinctive new look. 

The identity was developed based on a fresh new label design and focuses on the serve versatility, using a kaleidoscope graphic device. It heroes the straight-up serve whilst featuring others based on the relevant glassware and the reassurance of the ‘same taste’ message. The ‘How do you Brini?’ headline and supporting copy promote individuality, encouraging consumers to enjoy Lambrini their way.