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April 29th, 2024

April Retail Highlights

It's been a busy month with brands leaning into Easter and April Fools to support their activations. Large sporting events are on the horizon as well, and we are beginning to see brands leveraging their partnerships with the likes of the Euro 2024 football and the FA Cup. As ever, we have captured the most inspirational and best in class examples. Including smell sampling POS, and a twist on the classic golden ticket hunt.

Carling’s Winning Partnership

"Sporting events offer brands a significant sales opportunity and lager and football make a winning combo! This graphically striking and coveted promotion will surely inspire more purchases from excited football fans. Plus, who doesn’t love a golden ticket hunt?" - F&BM View

As the FA Cup season comes to its climax; Carling leverages its official partnership with a new on-pack promotion. 

  • The promotion offers fans the chance to win a Carling box in Wembley Stadium for the FA Cup final (max 10 people), including hotel stays and £250 spending money
  • There is also a wrap up draw for a chance to win  100 x £50 Deliveroo takeaway vouchers 
  • QR code featured on-pack; entry via unique code
  • Tesco have featured a ‘Golden Envelope’ promotion with a chance to win 5 x pairs of tickets to the Emirates FA Cup Finals in specially marked packs (March 18th – 31st)

Kellogg’s Kicks-off Camps Campaign

"The epitome of great visual merchandising. Big, eye catching and engaging. With Champions league drama, the closest premiership title race in memory and a summer of Euros Football to come, every 7-14yr old is set to go footballing mad! Great display, great message and great timing." - F&BM View

Kellogg's is offering 30,000 free spaces at football camps across Great Britain this summer for children aged 7-14.

  • New research states that 59% of UK parents struggle to entertain their children during the summer holidays and believe that team sport is a valuable life skill
  • Kellogg's partnered with the EFL, Manchester City, Rangers, and Celtic for this nationwide program
  • To highlight the program's scale, they unveiled the 
    world's longest multi-club football scarf (100 meters!)
  • There's also a Tesco exclusive text-to-win promotion in which teams can win free kit, courtesy of Kellogg’s

Meet & Greet Treat

”Cadbury are rolling out the promotions this year, with yet another interactive site. With the Euros coming up, now is the perfect time to get football fans engaged with a product that is not directly linked to football. The stand-out detail for me is the 'Cadbury FC' logo emblem, a great way to complete the campaign." - F&BM View

Cadbury kicks off its Home & Away Wins 2024 promotion (22nd April to 19th July) by offering fans a chance to meet their favourite player and score a dream holiday.

  • A QR code features on promotional bars to enter an instant win plus grand prize draw
  • The promotional microsite asks entrants to choose their hero from – Harry Kane, Virgil van Dijk, Leah Williamson, or Neymar Jr. Four lucky fans will meet their chosen player and receive a £5,000 holiday voucher
  • 2,000 other prizes are up for grabs including signed shirts, lifestyle vouchers and personalised player videos

Egg-cellent Mini Billboards

”Only a very SMALL number of billboards go viral. Maybe a twist on the TINY art exhibits or Coke's MINI street vendor booths. Whilst only a MINUTE number of people will have seen it live it's an arresting solution that went BIG through social and reached the masses.” - F&BM View

Cadbury gave us a social-led treat honouring the UK’s smallest Easter staple. In partnership with model maker Paul Baker; miniature OOH executions were ‘pasted up’ in promo videos.

  • The miniature billboards and 6-sheets were brought to life with tiny ladders, buckets and brushes
  • The campaign had a sense of the unexpected with the in-situ videos purposely filmed up close, before panning out to reveal their true scale
  • The mini OOH replications were placed in real locations allowing them to interact with their surroundings

Hide & Seek, Easter Treat

”The digital execution here is top-notch, showcasing a stunning design and seamless user experience. The incorporation of the Google Maps Street View egg hunt adds an engaging layer of interaction. The user journey is impressively smooth, considering the complexity of the flow.” - F&BM View

Cadbury’s “Worldwide Hide” campaign this Easter, offering consumers the opportunity to hide a virtual egg anywhere in the world for a loved one to find.

  • This purchase necessary promotion allowed consumers to hide a virtual egg with Google Street View, and send a personalised clue to a recipient
  • A tag line of ‘For someone you love’ aimed to encourage engagement through sentimentality
  • Customers could also purchase a physical egg; to be delivered to a home address, once the virtual egg had been found
  • The campaign ran from 26th February to 1st April

Endless Summer Pass

”Large, global brands tend to be pushing consumers to their own mobile apps and Coca-Cola is no exception with a Coke app exclusively for promotions. With Endless Summer, consumers play a 'Fruit Ninja' style game to earn gems. 125 gems gains one prize draw entry. A straight-forward win mechanic and fun game once you get past the initial app install and account registration.” - F&BM View

Coca-Cola has launched its ‘Endless Summer’ on-pack promotion featuring a QR code directing users to the Coke app. Once there, they can enter for a chance to win tickets to this summer's sizzling events.

  • 295 pairs of tickets (+ spending money) to be won across UEFA Euro 2024, Music Festivals and the 2024 Summer Olympics
  • The app features an ‘Endless Catcher’ game which qualifies entry into the prize draw
  • Retailers also have a chance to win Euro 2024 tickets and spending money through a separate program

Keep your Fingers Crossed

”This campaign's simplicity is brilliant! It uses a classic formula: a hunt for a golden ticket or a crossed finger in this case. There's no skill involved, just pure luck! This playful element, combined with a familiar phrase, creates an instant connection with consumers. The surprise of finding a beloved product in a new, tactile form is sure to grab attention and create stand out on shelf.” - F&BM View

Cadbury has hidden over 200 “Crossed Fingers” in their packs across UK and Ireland. Consumers who find winning packs can win a prize from £50 up to £20,000.

  • This purchase necessary promotion asks consumers to retain the ‘Winning Ticket’ and unique biscuit from their pack to claim
  • The on-pack promotion is across the full range including Bournville, white, orange and family pack fingers
  • This is a full 360 campaign, supported by out-of-home advertising, digital promotion and in-store POS
  • Promotion runs from 1st February to 1st August

Lift & Smell with LYNX

”Is this heightened engagement at the shelf edge a sign that Covid is finally behind us? It's refreshing to see this seamless integration with the Lynx ATL campaign in-store. The approach is sleek, impactful, and adds genuine value to the shopping experience.” - F&BM View

Lynx spices up personal care aisles with its brand new format, ‘Lift & Smell’ fragrance testers. This is part of a wider ATL campaign encouraging men to ‘smell finer 
than the finest fragrances’.

  • The Fine Fragrance Collection was created to provide affordable, high-end scents that appeal to Gen-Z males
  • The activation features special fragrance tester trays allowing shoppers to smell different scents before buying
  • This is part of a larger investment to increase portfolio visibility; combining products for the first time. Stores will feature dedicated bays and revamped displays

Eat Cake and Win a Break

”Over Easter, consumers naturally look out for sweet treats to share with their family and friends. The distinctive packaging and prize offer will definitely make the cake aisle an exciting destination to shop!” - F&BM View

Premier Foods launched an on-pack promotion with Mr Kipling and Cadbury Cakes to ‘Win a Dream Family Holiday’.

  • The campaign aims to disrupt and recruit shoppers into the cake category during the Easter period
  • This no purchase necessary promotion offers a grand prize of a family holiday for 4, with runner up prizes including family outings, cinema tickets and segway experiences
  • Consumers can enter three times a week
  • Promotion ends on 16th May 2024

Who you gonna call? Walkers!

”PepsiCo are bringing an element of fun to snacking occasions such as the Big Night In, whilst also offering shoppers a chance to win some cool prizes. Amplifying awareness of the collaboration through shopper and digital support, ensuring the promotion is at the forefront of shoppers’ minds.” - F&BM View

Walkers is running a ghostly on-pack promotion across their snack portfolio; celebrating the release of the movie ‘Ghostbusters: Frozen Empire’. The impressive aisle takeovers feature aisle fins, vinyl runways and headers.

  • Instant win prizes include 3 x VIP screenings, 1,250 x cinema tickets, 1,150 x £25 Sony and Amazon vouchers
  • Following the end of the main promotional period; all entrants will be automatically entered into the grand prize draw with a chance to win a trip to New York
  • Promotion runs until 5th May

Hippie! Free Rent

”At a time where simply living costs an arm and a leg, H!P have read the consumer landscape incredibly well. Rather than offering a holiday or a hamper, they've offered a tasty prize which people want, need and will engage with.” - F&BM View

H!P Chocolate has teamed up with Sainsbury's for an in-store promotion with a chance to win free rent for a month.

  • With the cost of living rising, an average of 30% of gross income is spent on rent and 1 in 5 of UK households are rented, this promotion is both topical and reactive to the current climate
  • Additional prizes include a year's supply of chocolate and a month's worth of groceries from Sainsbury's
  • Entrants are asked to buy a bar at Sainsbury's, snap a photo of their receipt, and submit online to enter

Fall for the Fools?

Toning Tomato

Heinz plays on the Ketchup hair fix myth and releases "Heinz Ketchup Toning Shampoo” stating; ‘You’ve been tagging us in your hair disasters for years’.

Scottish Pride

Aldi's "Häggis-Dazs" ice cream prank was seen on it’s Scotland Instagram account. The joke backfired with shoppers demanding the product becomes a reality!

A Nice Surprise

The OR celebrated by placing parking ticket crisp packets on parked cars across London. Screen printed to look exactly like the parking tickets we all know and hate.

Spicy Toothpaste

Lee Kum Kee USA's official TikTok announces first of its kind "Sriracha Mayo Toothpaste” with supporting copy ‘Your morning routine just got spicier!’

Oreo Breakup

Oreo shared a tongue-in-cheek announcement on social media stating that ”after time and consideration” it’s time for Wafer and Crème to part ways.

Glen’s Golden Ball

”Glen's Vodka's Golden Ball promotion boosts engagement with an interactive "Spot the Ball" game offering instant cash and merchandise prizes. It features limited-edition football-themed bottles and aims to attract football fans, increase brand popularity, and encourage sharing on social media.” - F&BM View

Glen’s Vodka launched Golden Ball, it’s new Scottish Professional Football League (SPFL) inspired on-pack promotion, with limited-edition bottles set to be on featured in the on and off-trade until May 2024.

  • The no purchase necessary mechanic asks the consumer to scan the QR code on POS or promotional bottles to play the game
  • A ‘Spot the Ball’ inspired game provides instant win cash prizes and features light-hearted action shots of Scottish footy highlights
  • Leaderboard prizes are based on skill, such as a Glen’s Away Day kit and other merchandise

The Meal (Reveal) Deal

” An effective strategy to encourage consumers to explore innovative uses for Hellmann's in their culinary endeavours! While the technical aspect of the experience proceeded seamlessly, the recommendations provided were somewhat lacklustre. Though It's possible my fridge’s contents were what was lacking!” - F&BM View

To help reduce household waste across the UK, Hellmann’s has developed Meal Reveal. Using the web app, consumers can use up ingredients they have left over in their fridge.

  • Visitors can scan their fridge contents using a phone camera, AI technology identifies the ingredients and suggests recipes that combine them
  • The campaign aims to shine a light on the 4.7 million tonnes of edible food that goes to waste annually
  • Hellmann’s is aiming to tackle “fridge blindness”, a phenomenon where people overlook the meal potential of existing ingredients, while encouraging the use of Hellmann's mayonnaise in new and creative ways

It’s Raining we’re Pouring

”Lovely to see Greene King bringing a touch of brightness to consumers during the recent rainy days. Linking the giveaway to something as unpredictable as the weather will be sure to build hype and keep consumers engaged with tracking when the offer activates. This is an effective example of how to drive footfall in venues during previously quieter periods.” - F&BM View

Greene King ran a unique on-trade promotion encouraging people to visit their local pubs during the wet weather. A rain detector installed in Manchester (crowned as the wettest UK city) lit up on rain detection; offering free pints at their establishments.

  • The campaign shines a light on research stating 74% of Brits say the wet weather puts them off going out
  • The campaign offered 100,000 free pints for consumers to claim within 24hrs of rain being detected
  • A free drink was awarded when customers stated the magic words ‘it rains, we pour’ when ordering

This is your Captain Speaking…

”This interactive and experiential billboard is such a fun concept, and not something I have seen before! Instead of a billboard full of information that might be ignored, having someone to educate and explain directly to the public makes it so much more engaging. I can't believe there is still such a shortage of female captains, so it’s great to see steps being made to close this gap.” - F&BM View

EasyJet demanded attention with its ‘talking’ billboard seen featuring a real-life, strapped in easyJet pilot. Aiming to encourage people (especially women) to consider training.

  • Common misconceptions were challenged, such as 57% of people believe a university degree is required to become a pilot, and 80% think 20/20 vision is a necessity
  • The featured QR code led applicants to an online test assessing basic skills, such as sense of direction and reaction to speed
  • A recent survey found half of young girls believe a pilot is a man's job – correlating with only 7.5% of easyJet’s pilots being women

Smack for Heinz

”This billboard lets Heinz enthusiasts enjoy their favourite condiment in a fun, interactive manner that aligns with the brand. The concept of naming and shaming eateries that don't serve Heinz as well as offering a discount on future purchases really enhances the campaign. This campaign ticks all the boxes, reinforcing Heinz’s position as the leading ketchup brand!” - F&BM View

Heinz distributed interactive ‘Smack For Heinz’ billboards outside two iconic hot dog stands in Chicago.

  • Inviting passers-by to ‘smack’ the billboard and indulge in the condiment; often shunned by traditional hot dog enthusiasts
  • It also playfully 'smacks back' at restaurants who refuse to serve Heinz ketchup, offering the opportunity to report them on the promotional website
  • Visitors to the site can download a money off coupon by ‘smacking’ (clicking) the website three times
  • Billboards are also expected to pop up in other cities

Heineken ‘Ahh’TL

”With beer-garden evenings drawing ever closer, Heineken’s global TVC transforms the seemingly mundane moment of the ‘first sip’ into a blissful ‘ahhhh’ moment. By elevating the consumer experience, Heineken’s ‘first ahh’ captures a sense of satisfaction in a way that makes your mouth water!” - F&BM View

Heineken’s global ATL campaign ‘The First Ahhh!’ aims to capture the iconic and refreshing first sip feeling.

  • The campaign recognises the fast-paced world we live in and the importance of taking a moment to refresh
  • It includes a global TV commercial directed by Alex Feil and uses a cover of Nat King Cole's "L.O.V.E."
  • Part of a wider, global campaign showcasing Heineken’s 5 core brewing principles. This includes in-store promotions, OOH, packaging updates, PR efforts, and social media strategy